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  • Bidisha Fouzdar

This thing called email etiquette

How many times have you read and email...and lost it? Lost the thread of conversation, your peace of mind or your temper?

Some simple tips can make sure that people who read your emails don't question your professionalism:

1. Always spellcheck: Official email is not WhatsApp, so do run your eye through it once for obvious errors.

2. Don't forget the attachment: Gmail very findly reminds you if you have forgotten, but still.

3. Don't 'reply all' unless necessary: It costs time and money: labour costs of reading and writing the 100+ emails most professionals process in a day. Don't believe me? Read this Harvard Business Review article.

4. Don't use email to vent or tell off: If faced with push back or a problem, pick up the phone. A discussion stands you better chances of resolving whatever is going on.

5. Match the subject line to the message: This helps when you or your recipients need to run a search for a conversation on a particular topic.

6. No need to write generic messages such as "Thanks" or "Okay". It doesn't take the conversation forward.

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